Why are Birthdays so important to women


Let me start by saying it is April my birthday is in June and I am already counting down.  I will be 37 years old this year, and I am looking forward to it. The reason my countdown two months in advance makes total sense to me is, because I am a woman, and a craft queen.  I love planning parties for other people, and events and to me a birthday is the ultimate event, because it is the only day out of the the year that is exclusively yours.  All of my male friends could care less about the actual celebration of their birthday.  They want to be celebrated and appreciated, but it is no big deal for them  For my female friends it is a total different story. Here are some reasons why birthdays are so important to women.

  1. We were raised as little princesses-  Every little girl had a princess themed party or 10 at one point or another.  From the beginning of our lives we start dressing up as little princesses, and putting crowns on our heads.  That little girl lives inside of each one of us.  Our birthday is a day where we can put on our tiara and be a princess again.
  2.  We use it as a gauge for our romantic relationships- A woman would never really tell a man this, but we just may break up with you over how you celebrate our birthdays.  We act as if we don’t care what happens on our birthday, but believe me we do.  You would not believe how many of my friends have dumped a guy, because he either forgot their birthday or simply just did not make a deal about it.
  3. Some women view it as a turning point in life- My friend and I are currently on a “bikini by birthday diet”.  We set goals that we want accomplished by my birthday.  Some of us may say I want to engaged by my birthday, or have a new job or make it to that goal weight.  Our birthday is sometimes the equivalent of a New Years Resolution.  We give ourselves the deadline of our birthday.

So if you are a guy and you have a wife, or girlfriend your best bet is to make here feel special on her birthday.  Trust me she is watching how you handle her birthday.  If you do it right she will be forever grateful, and you will be on the receiving end of true bliss.  If you forget her birthday, or forget to make her feel special on her birthday chances are you wont be around for the next one. XOXO