What it means to be a #craftqueen

As you know I own a wonderful skin care company called Sweet Indulgences.  Sweet Indulgences is a craft queens dream.  I have the opportunity to not only craft and make things all the time.  I also have a creative outlet that never ends.  I can always come out with a new fragrance, or collection line and feed my craft queen urges.  Any self respecting #craftqueen will understand what I mean when I say urges.  As a craft queen we wake up every morning and think of something that we want to create.  We walk around the world and not only admire things we “think” that we can make all of them!  An example of a craft queen urge is the urge to stop by every single Hobby Lobby in town and come up with a new project.  Most #craftqueens have friends that are #craftqueens and we are of no help to each other.  We plan lunches and go to Hobby Lobby together.  I want to make you laugh with this post so I decide to give a list of #craftqueen characteristics.  If 3 out of 5 apply to you then you are a certified craft queen!

  1. You know about the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon- If they ever take the 40% coupon away I think that #craftqueens will have a funeral for the loss of the coupon.  We have that coupon pulled up on the phone in 5 seconds flat to give to the cashier.  People in the line that are not #craftqueens look on in amazement.
  2. Your husband/significant other has tried to stop you from starting new projects- If you have that man that just supports your #craftqueen world 100% hold on to him, because obviously he is a keeper.  I have friends that have husbands that literally wear shirts that say “My wife is a craft queen” or “My wife is a craft superhero”, but for most women they have been told more than once that their crafting was out of control, and were placed on a horrible “craft budget” after spending 500.00 trying to learn how to make Chalkboard mason jars.
  3. You look for craft opportunities on vacation- On a trip to Big Island, Hawaii guess what the first thing I looked for was? Craft Opportunities!  I found a class that taught me how to quilt Hawaiian style, and I loved it.  While most people would focus on relaxing on the beach in Hawaii I was thinking ” Those quilts look awesome, I bet I could make one”.
  4. You belong to a craft group- Obviously I’m a crazy craft queen so I belong to five different craft groups.  If you belong to a group that meets up on at least a monthly basis you are a certified craft queen.
  5. You have a specific craft room- In my dream world I will go away on a European vacation with my #craftqueen friends and when I return home my husband will have built me a state of the art craft room that’s like 2,000 square feet.  I will walk in and be surprised and cry and everything. ( This literally happened to one of my friends) *future husband take note*

So if you are all five of these things or just a few you are a certified #craftqueen.  Rejoice in the beauty that is you.  I am sure that after reading this post you will head to a craft board to find something to create!