The day I decided to Quit

Usually when someone references quitting they are speaking in reference to a job.  My story is about quitting certain things in my life.  It was a normal Saturday morning at my apartment in Houston.  I looked out of the window the sun was shining and it looked like it was going to be a good day.  However, I was tired. My thoughts started going towards what was making me tired.  Was it the long work week, my co-workers, my family, my friends?  As I sat and thought for a while I realized that what was making me tired was me, and my actions! Here are some things that I decided on that fine Saturday to quit.

  1. I quit worrying about my job- I am a top performer at every company I have ever worked for.  I always have been.  On the weekends I would do some work, or think about work, and worry about my performance.  I stopped that immediately.  I realize now that there has to be a separation. On the days when I am off, I am truly off.  I close the laptop, turn off the work e-mail, and enjoy my life.  Everything that I left at work will be there when I get back.
  2. I quit saying yes to everything- I am a woman of many talents and I am often asked to do things.  In the past I would strive to be the best daughter, sister, and friend.  No matter how exhausted I was, I would still say yes and help everyone sometimes to the determent of myself.  No more, if I don’t feel like it I simply don’t do it.
  3. I quit suppressing my authentic self.- I am weird and a little quirky and I know it.  I would constantly change my authentic self to fit the environment, and that was exhausting.  The people who love you are going to love you regardless of anything.  If I wake up and want to dance to disco music I do it, If I want to sing to a song in the park I do it, and if I want to wear a full on costume in a 5k race I do it, because its my life! I only have one to live and believe me I am going to live it.
  4. I quit putting off those spontaneous trips- I love to travel, and I am always thinking of short trips that are 6 hours or less away from my home.  For years I would think of these trips and always talk myself out of them.  Now I just pack my Henri Bendel tote bag and go!