My love affair with Kate Spade

Let me start by saying I know that most people will not feel this post.  It is basically a love note to Kate Spade.  I have been a fan for a very long time, and I must say that a large portion of my lifetime earnings have been taken by Kate Spade.  My first encounter with Kate Spade was in New York.  I was traveling for business as a young professional and stumbled upon the boutique. Have you ever had the feeling that a designer was in your head?  Every handbag, and accessory was something that I would have made.  The craft queen in me went nuts!  I just could not believe that there was a brand that had classically whimsical items! I have more than 140 Kate Spade items and counting.  I love the entire line, from the clothes to the jewelry to the luggage.  I am obsessed!  I am having fun with this post so this list is purely to entertain you.  Here are some of the ways that you know that you are a crazy Kate Spade fan…..

  1. You don’t have children, but you look at the children’s line- I do not have any children, but I want to be a mother just to dress my little princess in Kate Spade!  I know that’s not the only reason to have a child, but I think its a good one.
  2. You have more than 3 handbags in the same color- I totally admit to this.  I currently have 5 Kate Spade red handbags and I always walk into the boutique and say ” The last thing I need is a another red handbag” and I buy it anyway.  I justify my purchases, because the handbags are different styles.
  3. You have Kate Spade themed vacations- For my birthday getaway vacation every year, I plan a “Kate Spade themed” vacation.  All of my clothes, shoes, makeup bags, and luggage are Kate Spade, and I take great pride in this.
  4. You have more than 5 handbags that in the shape of animals- When I say that my closet is a zoo its not because it is junky or disorganized.  It is because I literally have Kate Spade handbags that look like zoo animals!
  5. You are silly enough to write a blog on Kate Spade- I had so much fun writing this blog.  When the thought came to me to just step outside of the box and have fun, I decided that I would just go with it.  I hope that you laughed a little, and gained some more insight into exactly who the Indulgent Lady is.