#htowngirlontherun My journey back into the world of running

The true origin of this story goes back to Junior High for me.  I wanted to be on the track team. I came home one day and told my Dad and we instantly went into training mode.  Everyday after school we would run in the neighborhood and race on the front lawn.  I loved running.  I always felt free, and after a while I became very fast.  The week before tryouts I was outside for recess. My friends and I were playing Dodge Ball.  When the bell rang well all started running to go back into the building.  As I darted out to run I fell to the ground.  There was excruciating pain exuding from my knee.  The ambulance was called, and I went to the hospital.  I was diagnosed with Chronic Knee Displacement.  That was the beginning and the end of my run story……..


My new run story began again in March of 2016.  When the New Year came in January I felt restless like I needed a change.  I had gained some weight and wanted to knock a few pounds off (Like everyone does in January)  I had been taking some Zumba classes, but I wanted to try something different.  I started reading blogs about all the health benefits of running, and wished that I “could” run.  I had told myself for many years that I simply could not run. I was afraid that if I ran again I would knock my knee out of place so I had not run in many years.


As March approached running themes kept coming up around me (Or maybe I was just more aware because running was on my radar)  One day I woke up laced up my Nikes and was bound and determined to try a run.  Fear overtook me.  As I headed to the track I barely jogged.  I was so fearful that I would fall.  Then a Destiny’s Child song came on in my headphone.  When I heard the ladies of Destiny Child sing ” I’m a survivor” something in me triggered (Thanks, Pandora/Beyonce Radio) I decided in that moment that I was going to run, and so I did.  I ran for 2 miles straight that day.  All fear was removed and I have been running ever since.


Any runner will tell you that running is a journey. You can get on a roll and run for a year straight, and then you can stop running and not run for a year straight. I started posting my runs online for my friends and I was told by so many that I inspired them to run, and as a result they inspired me to keep on running.  There is one thing about running, however, once you start it never leaves you.  Since my running breakthrough I have gone on to run many 5k, 10k runs and a half marathon.  The main thing that I have learned from running is that as with anything that you do you just have to start.