How to plan the perfect Brunch

All of my friends know that one of my absolute favorite things to do is plan a brunch.  I host about 12 brunches per year for family and friends, and I have even hosted two brunches in one day with two different themes and menus! Over the years I have learned some tricks of the trade that have lead to brunch success.  If you take these steps I guarantee that you will host a brunch that your friends and family will be talking about for years to come.

  1. Pick a theme and commit to it- I have hosted brunches with many themes, and my attention to detail was always recognized and appreciated.  Go all in with your theme.  For example, I hosted a “Pink Brunch” I committed to the color pink in unimaginable ways.  The wreath on the door was pink, the entire table and display was pink, the floral arrangements were pink.  Even the wreath on the door when my guests entered was pink.  I literally went pink crazy.  Whatever your theme is commit to it.
  2. Costco is your brunch BFF- Some of the menu themes that I have had in the past are seafood themes, all chicken themes, vegetarian, and dessert themes.  I like to cook, but when you are throwing brunches saving time is a very valuable thing.  Costco has some of the best options for brunches from fruit trays to frozen seafood from restaurants all around the world and decadent pastries and desserts.  Costco has a great value also.  I have thrown elaborate brunches with under 100.00 at Costco many times.
  3. Send out invitations- Even though it may seem that this can be a word of mouth event send out specific invitations inviting your guests.  It will build anticipation, and your guests will feel that they are attending a very special event.
  4. Create an interactive game- Of course the main draw to a brunch is “Brunch Food”, but entertainment still has to be a main component of your event.  I like to create interactive games that are specific to the group.  If I am inviting a bunch of professors I create games with specific funny thing that they have told me about their jobs.
  5. Invite the right people- There is nothing more important than a guest list.  I take a lot of time and think about the people that I invite to my brunches.  Make sure that you are inviting people that will interact well together.
  6. Create a fun music playlist- Music sets the mood for everything.  Just like any party the DJ keeps the party jumping.  Be a good DJ and your guests will thank you.